New member of Crossref_ Need Help

Hello. My name is Eleni. I am a new member of crossref. As a publisher, I want to register my content but at the moment I have only a print ISSN and I do not have a doi for my journal yet. I also do not have an e-ISSN . Is it possible to register my content or not?

Hello @pharmakonpress,

Many thanks for your post.

You would need one of three items to register a journal with us, an eISSN, a pISSN and or journal level DOI. So as you have pISSN you are able to register content with us.

If you are new to depositing content to us then to deposit DOIs with Crossref, you must submit metadata and DOI information to our system.

Here is a great page in our education docs that helps you choose on a registration method available:

It also has links to the registration methods and all of their documentation that is needed to get started.

I hope this helps and if you have any further question or queries on this then please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Many thanks,

Dear Sir,
it is the first time I will register my journal. I have already a prefix
so as I understood I need to create a suffix put them altogether to
create a doi for my journal. So as it says in the instructions

“Register a journal-level DOI only - on the first screen, enter the
information for the relevant journal or issue and click Submit
journal/issue DOI”

As soon as I create my doi for my journal I need to go to the web
deposit form and put it there and click “submit journal/issue DOI”. Is
it correct? Can I put at the same time my print ISSN as well?

Kinds regards,
Dr Eleni Plessa

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