Participation Report - Reference and Abstract

We are genrating the DOI and posting the XML and still we did not able to see the XML quality % of reference and abstarct in the particicpation report.

Since, our prefix is 5958. Could you please see the XML and let us know the reasion why we are participation report is showing “0” %.

Also, we are using dtd version 1.i to genrate the XML, and requesting you to please let us know the correct verson, if any. so that we gave upgrade our module as well.


Hello @SharibAsrar ,

Thanks for your message. Your DOI prefix must begin with 10. , so, unfortunately, 5859 is not your DOI prefix. I checked to see if maybe your prefix was 10.5859? That DOI prefix is associated with the member The Korean Association of Information Systems, as you can see here:

Are you inquiring about the The Korean Association of Information Systems and the percentages in that participation report?