Upcoming ROR webinar: An introduction to ROR 21 October

Hi all,

There’s going to be another Introduction to ROR webinar on 21 October. You can sign-up here: https://tinyurl.com/ror-webinar-oct2020 (and find out when it will be in your time zone) if you’re interested in finding out more.

ROR is a community-led project to develop an open, sustainable, usable, and unique identifier for every research organization in the world.

The scholarly community depends on a network of open identifier and metadata infrastructure. Content identifiers (e.g., DOIs) and contributor identifiers (e.g., ORCID IDs) are foundational components of this network. But an additional component has been missing—until now, there has been no open, stakeholder-governed infrastructure for research organization identifiers and their associated metadata. With the aim of filling this gap, the Research Organization Registry (https://ror.org) launched in January 2019. The registry now includes close to 98,000 organizations and ROR IDs are being implemented in various systems.

Join us for this introductory webinar which will explain:

  • The thinking behind ROR
  • ROR’s governance and community-led approach
  • The core components of the ROR Registry
  • Existing and planned ROR integrations
  • What’s next

The webinar is specifically geared toward those interested in learning about the basics of ROR. It is relevant for a variety of audiences, including…
Research managers
Tools and service providers
Metadata and persistent identifier affectionados