Updating article URL metadata after DOI registration

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We have accidentally registered a wrong article URL in the DOI metadata registration, and seem unable to edit this field after the DOI has already been registered. As following the Updating your Metadata page advice, we have deposited the records again with the updated and correct “Article URL” field, and the record on Metadata Manager is now updated and correct. However, the DOI permalink still redirects to the original and incorrect URL despite these re-deposits.

Is this the correct advice/workflow for this human error, and are there any other possible solutions which can be attempted? We would prefer to retain the original DOI string registered as it correlates with our own publication database numbering, however, the above challenges persist.

Many thanks in advance for the help and support from the CrossRef Community.

Hello @nyoung,

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After you updated the URL in Metadata Manager did you add the article to the deposit cart and deposit this to us again to update the metadata in the system? If not then please do try adding those articles to the deposit cart again (use “Add to Deposit”) and depositing to the system. Once a successful deposit has been made then the URLs should be updated.

If you have already redeposited the articles to the system then please do send me over some DOIs that are not resolving to the correct URL, along with the URL they should resolve to and I will investigate that further for you.

You could also try clearing the cache from your browser or trying to resolving the DOI using a private browsing/incognito mode to see if that works.

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DOIs are often cached, and changes to metadata may take some time to propagate. Check if the incorrect URL is still being resolved due to caching. You might want to wait for some time and try again later. Clear the cache of your web browser and try accessing the DOI permalink again. Sometimes, browsers cache redirections, and clearing the cache may help in accessing the updated URL. If you’re using CrossRef Metadata Manager, ensure that you’ve successfully updated the metadata within their system. Sometimes, changes may not be properly saved or reflected, so double-check your entries.
Remember, the best course of action would be to contact CrossRef directly for guidance tailored to your specific situation. They can provide accurate and up-to-date information on their systems and procedures.

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