Deposit - cannot be transferred

Good afternoon!
I have recorded several of our magazines To deposit."
I pressed the Deposit button and received the following message - Cannot read proprties of undefined (read status)
You are welcome. help with solving this problem - I repeated the operation several times

Hi @gorodetsky ,

Thanks for your message. I’ve logged into your account in Metadata Manager, but I cannot reproduce this error. All of the DOIs that I can see when I view your account have been accepted/registered. And, I’m able to register DOIs without any errors, like this example:

Which journal is triggering the error? What are you attempting to do when this error appears? Can you include a screenshot of the error?

Thanks in advance,

Thanks for the quick response.
I have one more question, I’m sorry, I eliminated the previous message due to the fact that a line was skipped through my fault, which changed the meaning… I’ll start over. It’s a very naive question, but please answer it. How can I quickly view all the DOIs assigned to the journal?
The fact is that we will be making new publishing sites, since the old ones are inconvenient for news reports. Therefore, we will need to quickly replace all links after launching a new site.

Hi @gorodetsky ,

Our APIs are a great place to start for those types of reports, but the APIs do require some technical abilities that not all of our members have. For instance, here is a list of all DOIs registered for your Vrach journal (with ISSN 25877305 in the metadata):,title&rows=1000

Alternatively, if you are looking for only a list of DOIs, our depositor report is also an option. Here is the depositor report for Vrach:

Now, if you are looking for a report that includes all DOIs and those DOIs current resolution URLs, I suggest that you contact us at so we can run a quick report for you.

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Thank you very much, I will definitely take your advice

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