TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'status')

Hello Crossref Team,

I tried submit, which resulted in the following error: “TypeError: Cannot read property ‘status’ of undefined”. And doi link is showing created but still the status of deposit is not clear. Any suggestions on what I can do to find a solution?

All my articles are also not coming in google search after searching from doi number (10.37391/ijeer). Please help me.

Hello @fopu,

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What are you trying to do when you are getting that error message? Are you trying to deposit via Metadata Manager?

I have checked and this DOI 10.37391/ijeer is registered with us here already.
To check to see if a DOI is registered or not:

  1. You can try to resolve the DOI using https://0-doi-org.pugwash.lib.warwick.ac.uk/{DOI} e.g. IJEER - International Journal of Electrical and Electronics Research | FOREX Publication
    If the DOI is not registered, you’ll get an error page that says “DOI Not Found”. If the DOI is registered, it will redirect to the landing page URL you supplied.

  2. You can also check our XML API for the metadata that is registered against the DOI. Use the query

I hope this helps.

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