Do literature publications fall into the scope of Crossref?

Hey all,

I am working on a free poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction publishing service. I am planning on applying for a grant for a localized instance of the platform I am developing.

I would like to implement DOI registration of works published on the platform. Ideally the funding would come from the grant.

Before I include this in the grant application, I would like to know if this is something Crossref would even accept, assuming the funding for it is secured? The focus here seems to be on research, science and journalism. I am curious if original works of literature would be accepted in the registry.

I am quite new to the world of DOIs, so if there is something obvious I am missing I would be very grateful for some orientation on this!

Thank you so much

Hi, and thanks for your questions!

Crossref probably isn’t the right place to register that kind of materials. Our metadata schema and services are oriented towards scholarly literature and other kinds of research outputs.

I can think of good use cases for applying DOIs or other persistant identifiers (PIDs) to poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction. But, I’m not aware of any organization working on registering PIDs for those types of content.

I’d encourage you to ask on the PID Forum. If such an identifier or registration agency exists, somewhere there will likely know about it.

Best of luck!