Getting a DOI for the Kearchy Journal

Hi there, I’m looking for some kind soul who will help a not stupid but not brilliantly tech savvy editor of the academic Kenarchy Journal (me) to get a DOI listing for the journal with Crossref. Huge thanks if you can help!
Roger Haydon Mitchell PhD

Title should read getting a DOI for the Kenarchy Journal of course!

Hi Roger,

Welcome to the forum! Thanks for this question.

Crossref is a membership organization, so in order to register DOIs for the Kenarchy Journal you’ll first need to join as a member. You can do this over here. Generally we ask that you apply for membership in the name of your publishing organization; if your journal is independent of any organization then you can just apply in the journal’s name.

I note that your website doesn’t yet have landing pages for each article (like this or this). Individual article landing pages are a requirement for Crossref membership so you’ll want to set those up before you apply.

After you apply and once any additional questions are answered, we’ll send you the bill for your annual membership fee, prorated to cover just the remaining months of 2024. After this is paid, we’ll send you your organization’s unique DOI prefix and details on how to begin registering DOIs for your articles.

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any other questions; otherwise, we’ll look forward to receiving your application in due course.