How the Open Science Framework integrated ROR, plus, a new version of the ROR registry

Those of you who are interested ROR, the Research Organization Registry, which Crossref of course supports, might be interested to read a new ROR blog post: “Case Study: ROR in the COS Open Science Framework”. The post is an interview with Eric Olson, product manager of the OSF, discussing in detail how OSF integrated ROR and began sending ROR IDs to Crossref for preprints, preregistration documents, and projects.

“[W]e want to be part of that movement: being able to visualize the relationships between one DOI and all the people and places and other things that it’s related to.”

Note too the release of v1.14 of the ROR registry, which puts ROR over the 103,000 mark for the number of research organizations included. :tada: This release adds 54 new records and updates 128 records. The latest data dump is available, as always, on Zenodo.

This data dump is the last one in which all records will have a status of “active”; the next data dump will include records whose status is “inactive” or “withdrawn” in conjunction with the forthcoming changes to the API on December 1st. Feel free to reply to this message if you have any questions about the December 1st ROR API changes that aren’t already answered in the documentation.