Provide Linking-ISSNs based on publisher ISSN


Wondering if it is possible/planned for metadata to contain linking ISSNs. I am guessing the challenge here might be that publishers don’t generally provide these and that it would mean providing modified or updated data?

The primary use case is tracking journals through time accurately with a PID. ISSNs are insufficient because they are inconsistently applied (print, electronic etc) across the metadata corpus. Mostly people build aggregations and mappings to solve this but it would be good to move that upstream to an authority controlled position at some point.



Hi Cameron,

We’ve considering adding support for linking ISSNs but haven’t done so because there has been limited interest from our members for providing them, and it would take a lot of work on our end to fully support them.

They aren’t on our current roadmap. We may be rethinking how we handle series and other title data overall in the future - this will make it much easier to support linking ISSNs and other series and container metadata - but we have no immediate plans to add support.

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