Ticket of the month - September 2023 - A DOI-namic timeline

A DOI-namic timeline

Where should I expect to see my DOI and when?


We get a lot of questions coming into support asking why isn’t a DOI showing up in our search and metadata retrieval tools shortly after registration.

I hope this post will help everyone to anticipate and then locate where and when your DOI might show up in our services.

Below is a timeline of each component of a DOI through our registration and internal indexing process.

Deposit Methods

There are a few different ways to deposit content to us, here is a great page in our education docs that helps you choose a registration method for you: https://0-www-crossref-org.pugwash.lib.warwick.ac.uk/documentation/register-maintain-records/choose-content-registration-method/

Deposit Received and Submission Created

The ‘SUCCESS’ message you receive from the Web Deposit Form indicates that your file has been successfully submitted for processing to the queue.

It does not mean that your file has been processed or that your DOIs have been successfully registered.

Successful Submission or Errors

You should verify your deposit status by reviewing the submission log that is emailed to you after your deposit is finished processing.

If you do not receive an email, you can also retrieve your logs using our system interface as described here: Submission queue and log - Crossref

The APIs and Search


The metadata should be in the REST API in around 1 hour on the works route after a successful deposit, but it can be up to 24 hours. It will also take that long for the data to appear in the members route in the API (and, thus reflected in Participation Reports). More information on the REST API can be found here: https://api.crossref.org

And a non-technical guide to the API is in our documentation here: A non-technical introduction to our API - Crossref


This API updates around every 2 hours and allows you to view all of the metadata against a single DOI by adding the DOI to the end of this link and clicking on it or pasting it into your browser address bar:


(you might need an xml viewer extension on your browser to view the xml in a more user friendly way)

Crossref Search/CRMDS

You search against our database using the http://0-search-crossref-org.pugwash.lib.warwick.ac.uk/ tool. This is fed from the REST API so the data must be in there to show up here. Do not use this tool to check if your DOI is registered; instead, you should check the submission logs for confirmation of the DOIs registration, or by checking the DOI at https://doi.org.


You can access metadata through our systems using OAI-PMH also, this should be updated between 1 and 24 hours depending on the verb you are using. Here is more information on OAI-PMH: OAI-PMH - Crossref


Title List

If a new title registration is made then it will turn up in the title list after a daily update.

Depositor Report

Each title record in our system has a depositor report containing all of the DOIs against that specific title record. This is updated daily and you can find the parent page (lists of all journal-level depositor reports by member) of the report here: crossref.org : : depositor (this page is large and can take a minute or two to load).

DOI Error report

This report shows any DOIs that are not registered with us which have been attempted to be resolved and then the error form filled in at doi.org. More information on this report can be seen here: DOI error report - Crossref

Conflict Report

This shows all the conflicts that are on the system.

Conflicts occur when two (or more) DOIs are submitted with the same metadata. This report is updated every Tuesday at 11am (EDT) and so any conflicts that have been resolved or created would not show up in the report until the next report has been run.

Resolution Report

This report is sent out every month to designated email addresses on the account which were set up at application and any others which have been added since. You can read more about this here: ​​Resolution report - Crossref

I hope this helps keep your mind at ease when a DOI is not showing up in our services soon after registration.

Thank you,