Register a proceedings DOI without also registering the indiviual abstract DOIs

It’s been brought to my attention that the conference proceedings DOI for a 2022 conference isn’t working and it appears was never deposited. I had manually created the xml to deposit the approx 15 conference abstracts and those DOIS are working perfectly.

I’ve been trying to register the just the conference proceedings (as a whole publication) DOI - but when I use the Web Deposit form - it requires I add papers as well - which I don’t need to do.
I tried writing xml for just the conference proceedings DOI but it keeps failing - (I don’t really know how to write xml without a template). Are you able to provide me with an xml guide/ template for registering just the conference DOI - not including the abstract DOIs as well?

Thank you and Happy New Year

Hi @Tuwpub ,

Thanks for your message. Here’s an XML sample using our 5.3.0 schema version that you can follow:

There are more XML samples, including other conference samples, here: Example XML metadata - Crossref.

Start there and let me know if you have any questions as you work through that.


Thank you Isaac for answering so quickly, I used that template and it worked perfectly! We now have a working proceedings DOI, thank you!

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thankssssssss bro.very nice